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Training and Goals 2002
the year 2002, will be a coming out year for me. after being struck by a car while on a morning run, i feel like i have been given a second lease on life, hence i will do all in my power to improve on my running and life.

  Commonwealth Games 2002
The games will be held in Manchester, England and i'm planning on being there. i will have to improve about 60 sec in the 10,000m, the same in the 5000m and 8 sec in the 1500m. this may seems hard but where there is a will there is a way and it will all be done legally, with the help of my Coach Mark and my teammates.

  NCAA D2 Nationals 2002, will be my final year competing at the collegiate level, and i want to leave it with a bang. my aim right now is to do well at nationals and make my family,Country, school, coach and everyone around me happy

right now i'm trying to get a solid base for track. nice lone easy run. as the old people say patience is a virture so i'm not rushing into anything now. being hit by a car is not an easy thing to get back from, slow but sure i will get there.